Adding pods to nested targets in iOS Xcode

I had this weird structure in one of my project.

SO, I wanted to add a framework to the InnerTarget via pods.

The InnerTarget is a framework target inside TalkTab project which is added as a subproject to the MainTarget workspace.

I tried different ways. Like the given podfile below.

This might work . But for the custom pods framework that I had to add, it was throwing some error.

This is what I ended up doing.

# Uncomment the next line to define a global platform for your project
# platform :ios, ‘9.0’
workspace ‘MainTarget’target ‘MainTarget’ do
# Comment the next line if you don’t want to use dynamic frameworks
target 'Ucc' do
project 'TalkTab/TalkTab.xcodeproj'
target 'InnerTarget' do
inherit! :search_paths

In the below line, we need to follow the folderName/Projectname.xcodeproj format.

project 'TalkTab/TalkTab.xcodeproj'

You can know more about configuring the podfile from the cocoapods official documentation here:


Hope it might help someone. thanks for reading.

That’s it.


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iOS and tvOS developer, dreamer, photographer 🤨

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iOS and tvOS developer, dreamer, photographer 🤨

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