Adding settings to your iOS app

  • Display preferences inside the app.
  • Use a Settings bundle to manage preferences from the Settings app.
Fig 1. Types of controls supported by the Settings app

Adding the Settings Bundle

  1. Choose File > New > New File.
  2. Under iOS, choose Resource, and then select the Settings Bundle template.
  3. Name the file Settings.bundle.
func applicationDidBecomeActive(_ application: UIApplication) {SettingsBundleHelper.checkAndExecuteSettings()SettingsBundleHelper.setVersionAndBuildNumber()}

Updating Defaults with Observers

deinit { //Not needed for iOS9 and above. ARC deals with the observer in higher versions.NotificationCenter.default.removeObserver(self)}

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iOS and tvOS developer, dreamer, photographer 🤨

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iOS and tvOS developer, dreamer, photographer 🤨

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