Asking Customers for Ratings and Reviews from inside the app in iOS

From iOS 10 (10.3 to be precise), apple made it possible for the developers to ask for rating the app from inside the app itself. This is possible for us through SKStoreReviewController API. Let’s see what it was before and what it will be from now.

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on a count of 1 to 10 , what would be your rating for this car 😵

Before iOS — 10.3 ( Even now we can do this :p )

@IBAction func rateUsButtonClicked(_ sender: Any) {rateApp(appId: “id1147613120”)}fileprivate func rateApp(appId: String) {openUrl(“itms-apps://” + appId)}fileprivate func openUrl(_ urlString:String) {let url = URL(string: urlString)!if #available(iOS 10.0, *) {, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)} else {UIApplication.shared.openURL(url)}}

And where do we get the id from??

How to use SKStoreReviewController??

import StoreKit
if #available( iOS 10.3,*){
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Sample image provided by apple

Are there any limitations? Can we call this requestReview() method inside a button action and call this on every button click?

When to use SKStoreReviewController??


When to ask for review:

let Defaults = UserDefaults.standard
struct UserDefaultsKeys {static let APP_OPENED_COUNT = “APP_OPENED_COUNT”}

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