Finding Non-localized Strings in xcode

If you have ever done some localization in xcode, you might already know how hard is it to track the non-localized strings used in the code and in storyboard. From xcode 7, there is an easy way to do that. Let me show you that.
  • In code by using NSLocalizedString("someStringToLocalize", tableName: nil, bundle: Bundle.main, value: "", comment: "") .
  • Use storyboard localizations.
Edit scheme
scheme editor
calculatorDisplay.text = NSLocalizedString(“Some localized string”, comment: “”)

Localizable strings in storyboard:

Storyboard strings file
error for storyboard objects
  • Copy GsZ-Y5–7R1 mentioned in the error and search for it throughout the project.
searching storyboard object
storyboard strings file
“GsZ-Y5–7R1.normalTitle" = "Localized title for button";


How to localize the strings file and localizing the storyboard files are not covered in this article. This process is pretty easy. I am planning to create an article on localization and internationlization in the near future.

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