How to create segues between different storyboards in the same Xcode project using storyboard references| iOS?

This article explains how we can create segues between multiple storyboards in the same Xcode project using storyboard references.

3 min readFeb 6, 2020
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The problem with a single storyboard is that they become complex for larger projects. It is also difficult to maintain and also the source control part becomes a headache as well. Storyboard references are going to be helpful when you want to divide your views betweens storyboards and avoid all these issues.

How to use storyboard references?

  • Create a new project (Single view application).
  • Create a new storyboard file and name it Second.storyboard .
  • Now, create a new ViewController inside the Second storyboard and name it SecondViewController .
Main storyboard and FirstViewController
Main storyboard and FirstViewController
Second storyboard and SecondViewController

Now Click on the (+) Library and search for Storyboard Reference.

Now drag and drop Storyboard Reference into the Main.StoryBoard . Now, in the attributes inspector, select the Second.Storyboard from Storyboard dropdown and set the Reference ID as the Storyboard ID of the SecondViewController in Second.StoryBoard .

And now, we can create a segue from FirstViewController to this Storyboard reference for Second.Storyboard and this will work as a normal segue. Here, I have added a UIButton in FirstViewController and added a Segue to the storyboard reference.

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That’s it. It simply works!!!

Note: Storyboard references were introduced in iOS 9 and macOS 10.11.


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