iOS: How to check if an ipa file is properly created for a UDID?

This is a common issue that developers face while distributing ipa files to the client. Every time we add a new device to the provisioning profile, we need to check if this is synced to the xcode. If not, the ipa cannot be installed on the mobile device. We will be wondering Is there a way to see what UDID are included in a build? Well, there is!!

2 min readSep 13, 2017

Just do the following steps:

  1. Get the iPA/build file. Right click and open with Archive Utility.

2. New directory Payload will be created.

3. Open the Payload.

4. Package file should be there with APP Name.

5. Right click on the File, select the “Show Package Contents”.

6. Inside this folder, you can file a file named “embedded.mobileprovision”. Open this file using Textedit application.

7. Copy your UDID and search among the list of UDIDs in the embedded.mobileprovision file.

Thats it , Enjoy!!

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