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Q. Which function can you use on XCTest to clean up after every unit test?

A. tearDown: function

Q. Which framework has a C-based API to play short, simple sound effects in iOS?

A. Sound System Services within the AudioToolbox framework

Q. Which technique can be used to fire a completion handler when several asynchronous tasks finish at different times finish using GCD?

A. Dispatch Groups

Q. Which Instrument would be most suited to debug whether a view is drawn from cache or redrawn?

A. Core Animation

Q. To opt a UIViewController into state preservation, which property must first be set by the programmer?

A. restorationIdentifier

Q. Which method will inform the current view controller to update its status bar appearance?

A. setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate

Q. What is the use of the displayScale property on UITraitCollection?

A. To understand the pixel density of the device.

Q. Which framework allows developers to use biometric authentication, such as Touch ID or Face ID?

A. Local Authentication

Q. When creating a supplementary view for a custom collection view, what view needs to be the superclass?

A. UICollectionReusableView

Q. Which class is used to provide a popover UIViewController?

A. UIPopoverPresentationController

Q. What is the maximum number of tabs that can be shown in a UITabBarController before a "More" option is added?

A. Five.

Q. Which is provided as standard with the default table cell using the default table cell style?

A. An image, text label, and accessory

Q. When internationalizing an app, what is the XML-based document used by translators to localize user-facing strings into multiple languages?

A. .xliff file.

Q. What option could you use within the simulator to identify views using transparent backgrounds?

A. Color Blended Layers

Q. Which class will allow you to use one or more blocks concurrently?

A. NSBlockOperation

Q. Is it possible to record video during background execution?

A. No

Q. Is it possible to record audio during background execution?

A. Yes

Q. Is it possible to Download content during background execution?

A. Yes

Q. Which method would you use to respond to a transition between two scenes in a storyboard triggered by a user?

A. prepareForSegue:sender:

Q. Which class supports sharing small amounts of data (strings β€” for example) automatically across every instance of an app used by the same iCloud user?

A. NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore

Q. Which delegate method can be used declared in UIGestureRezognizerDelegate to give precedence to conflicting gesture recognizers?

A. gestureRecognizerShouldBegin:

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