Username, Password and OTP autofill for iOS Apps for faster login 🤨🤪

Last month I went for an iOS dev meetup at Apple App Accelerator Bengaluru, India. There they discussed about many iOS 11 features and best practices which we need to implement in our apps. Password autofill was one such feature. Here , I will explain what it is and how to do it.

How to enable autofill?

usernameTF.textContentType = .usernamepasswordTF.textContentType = .password

Can the app predict the password accurately instead of making the user select the password from the list?

source: wwdc 2017 session 206

How to add/delete/modify passwords?

click on Accounts & passwords and authenticate
Add/delete/modify the passowrd here.

How to AutoFill One Time Security Code or OTP (iOS 12+ )?

myOTPTextField.textContentType = .oneTimeCode

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